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Into the Twisted and Demented Mind...

Of Sarah...Are You Ready?

11 November 1988
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Umm, I think it's about time I updated this. I'm a college student enrolled at University of Montevallo, I love it here. Small campus and all that jazz. I enjoy writing fanfics, I've recently gotten into doing drabbles. I like a lot of animes, so that's right I am a fangirl and I'm proud of it. I love all of my friends, they keep me in great company.

So that's about it, now on to my banners and stuffs, some of them don't work right but that's okay! I still love them anyways.

Vita_chan made this for me:

LuffyxNami is Love.

Spread the ShikaSaku love!

Kakashi x Sakura is love

NejiSaku is fated forehead love.

Gaara/Sakura means kids with gigantic foreheads is love

Kenpachi x Unohana